Welcome to Forest Forms world.


Our mission is to share with you the joy that our work with infinitely variable and extremely beautiful wood gives us. For us, work with this material is a continuous discovery, learning and surprise. We discover history of the majestic oaks when sanding them. Despite its hardness hornbeams give us their internal warmness. Ash wood brings us to the thought spiders web in the middle of the forest. We want to share this with you.

We give you a piece of handmade forest that we create in the middle of the Great Bytyn nature reserve in a house built of straw and clay. We give you in our products a piece of nature, fresh air, bird song and wood smell.

Our products are unique and unrepeatable.

We create furnitures  in the style of Live Edge, Vintage, Industrial and Hairpin. Each tailored made according to your individual needs. We will design and make for you a tables for dining room, kitchen or bathroom countertop or table for conference room and more.

Forest Forms Collection